Getting married is a huge commitment, and you understandably do not want your relationship to eventually contribute to divorce statistics. Whether you have been in love for a few months or much longer, you may wonder if you have found “the one” and if you should take the next step by getting married. Before you do, consider if you can relate to these important relationship signs.

You Feel Safe and Respected

A healthy, happy marriage is one where both individuals feel completely safe and secure. There are no concerns about physical, psychological, or emotional abuse from your partner (or that you may inflict on your partner). More than that, both individuals should feel as though their opinions are respected and valued.

While all serious relationships have a give-and-take component, you should not feel as though your goals and plans for the future are being cast aside. Rather, you should feel like both of your desires and goals can align with what you want individually as well as what you want as a couple. Both individuals should work together respectfully to blend their lives, values, and goals.

You Both Are Happy

Some people believe that getting married the best way to spice up a relationship that has lost its. Marriage legally binds you to the other person. All aspects of your life will be co-mingled, which can make ending the relationship much more complicated and stressful. Rather than attempting to strengthen the commitment in a shaky relationship through marriage, consider seeking relationship advice. When you get married, you both should already be happy in the relationship rather than looking for a way to be happier. Remember that saying “I do” and signing a contract will not automatically make your relationship easier or less stressful.

You Have Complete Trust

Trust is a major component in a healthy relationship. Before you get married, you both should be completely secure in the relationship. There should not be doubts about the other person’s fidelity or commitment to the relationship. In addition, both individuals should not be overly jealous or controlling.

It’s okay to have some doubts about your significant other and even some concerns about minor behaviors, but in general you should trust that they love you and you love them enough to work through varying challenges. The trust you have in yourself to stay faithful and committed to this person is just as important as having trust in them to do the same. If you are concerned about being able to trust each other, it may be a good idea to visit with a couple’s therapist to work through some of these issues.

You Have Each Other’s Backs

In a marriage, the two of you are building a life together. Events that cause stress to one person can and should impact both individuals. If you feel as though you are still on your own in your life and are uncertain if your significant other will be by your side during tough times, you should think twice before getting married.

A marriage is an agreement that their strife is your strife, their success is your success, and that you will join together in everything you do. It is equally important to have their back during the down times as it is to feel like you can celebrate success together and for each other.

Your marriage will be tested in ways that are sometimes harsh in the years ahead. In order to weather any storm that comes your way, you must enter a marriage on solid footing. If you have any doubts about the individual, the relationship or even your own ability to commit, you should address those issues through an open conversation together before you exchange vows.


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